Here's what some of our past participants have to say:

"Structure House changed my life. It was the best investment I ever made in myself."
- Pete
"With the information and tools that I received at Structure House, losing weight is a challenge I can face. Now I understand my weight problem, and I know what I can do to effectively deal with it."
- Nancy
"To be looked at as a 'normal-weight' person instead of always being stared at is a wonderful benefit of my weight loss. I have more energy and I'm in better shape than most of my friends. This lifestyle change has truly given me a new life."
- Jeremy
"Since leaving Structure House, I exercise daily and generally have a healthy lifestyle. With the training and behavior modification used at Structure House, I am now able to control my food intake and maintain a normal weight."
- Alan
"I have learned how to better take care of myself and am learning how to value myself with a new body and a new approach to food. The program has been, for me, a gift."
- Maria
"I like the holistic approach to obesity- addressing not just the physical but the emotional, mental, and spiritual as well. My lifestyle has changed dramatically."
- Janie
"I tried the NutriSystem program. I tried the Cambridge diet. I was on Weight Watchers and was successful as long as I followed the program. These programs all dealt with food; they didn't deal with emotional issues. The weight came off-but the weight went on again because I never dealt with the underlying issues of why I used food as I did."
- Sallie
"I'd try different diets, but they weren't giving me the tools that I needed. I was busy being perfect on the diet, but I really didn't have any tools to stay there or to address the issues of why I eat so much."
- Lisa
"Getting Structured was marvelous. I listened to what they had to say at the beginning, and it sounded like something that was not radical. It was practical-based on real knowledge and experience."
- Arthur