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Developing your behavioral skills

Most on-line weight loss programs give you diet and exercise advice. Some might provide you with tools to monitor your weight and food intake. However, such a generic approach fails to take into account your unique strengths and challenges. The SHOW program is unique in that it utilizes a guided workbook to coach you to develop the skills that are essential for long-term success with weight management. Research demonstrates that addressing the behavioral and psychological aspects of eating and exercise is absolutely necessary for lasting weight loss. SHOW will be your day-by-day companion to master the tools for losing weight.


We’ll help you look back over your life to start to understand how your difficulties with food and weight began. Understanding how your Relationship with FoodSM developed, why past diets have failed, and how your life experiences have contributed to your overeating will help you forge a new path.


Once you’ve made a commitment to losing weight, we’ll focus on the day-to-day strategies that will help you reach your goals. Some of these include navigating the supermarket, overcoming obstacles to exercise, changing your unhelpful thinking patterns, and dozens of additional important pieces of developing your new healthy lifestyle.


SHOW is dedicated to ensuring that your new habits are long-lasting. We’ll give you tools to keep you motivated, to help you deal with urges and cravings, to overcome frustration that can be a part of weight loss, and to incorporate your new behaviors for life – well beyond your 28 day SHOW experience!

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