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What makes this program so different?

We all know that we should eat less and exercise more to lose weight...but why is that always so difficult? The answer is really quite simple. People don’t have a food problem, they have an eating problem. This program will take you on a journey unlike any diet you may have tried before. In addition to providing you a prescription of diet and exercise, SHOW will help you explore the reasons that you might turn to food when you’re not hungry. Through a series of daily exercises, this program will explore why food and weight and eating have become so important in your life and will give you tools to break those cycles.

The Structure House Online Weight Loss program is ideal for:

• anyone wanting to discard negative habits • live a healthier lifestyle
• learn new behaviors to achieve permanent weight loss

The 28 Day Action Plan

A workbook written by our staff therapists to help you develop the skills you need for lifelong weight management. The 28 daily chapters introduce you to topics such as smart shopping at the grocery store, meal planning, trigger awareness, relapse prevention, stress relief, mindfulness, building an exercise program, and much, much more.

Tools for life

  • 28 daily menus conveniently planned for you
  • access to a customized menu planner and hundreds of Structure House recipes
  • fitness assessment
  • exercise videos
  • online diary
  • daily weight tracking
  • progress chart
  • message boards to ask questions and gain support from others on the program
  • daily tips
  • educational articles and videos from Structure House experts designed to help you stay focused on your goals

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