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Exercise is crucial for healthy weight control

At Structure House, exercise is not just about sweat and exertion. Exercise is also about recapturing the feelings of lightness, energy, and movement that are natural to your body. When you begin the S.H.O.W. program, it is important to note that our recommendations are based on your self-reported activity levels and physical health. Even if you are currently sedentary, there’s an option that is safe for you.

Trained exercise specialists developed a fitness assessment to gauge your fitness level. Next, we created an in-depth, individualized program for you, complete with step by step instructional videos. It’s a plan that you can stick to with or without joining a gym. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do, even if you are not currently on an exercise plan. Exercise is more than a choice, it’s our connection to a healthy lifestyle, and the program’s exercise component aims to help you make that connection.

Sample Exercises

Bicep Curls

Bend at the elbow so wrist comes toward the shoulder, so that the only part of the arm moving is the forearm. This move works the bicep muscle.

Chest Flies

Arms extend in the air, open arms apart, elbows slightly apart in the move. Your arms should look as if you’re hugging a tree to correctly do the move.

Heel Raises

This is a great exercise to do to work calf muscles and can be done on the ground or on a step. Don’t go against gravity by dropping too fast; make sure you are controlled in your movement.